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Interview with Donald Baechlor
Interview with Delta
Interview with David Combs
Interview with Alex Auder
Interview with David Linter
Interview with Aaron Braunstein
Interview with Gerald Busby
Interview with Lindsey Nobel
Interview with Lola Schnabel
Interview with Ethan Hawke
Interview with Dennis Hopper

A web television, presenting selected clips and interviews from internationally acclaimed director Abel Ferrara's new film Chelsea on the Rocks. Ferrara interviews the current and former resident of the New York's famous Chelsea Hotel, including Ethan Hawke and Dennis Hopper. Various behind the scenes footage shows different takes of the scenes from the film and creates a valuable platform for filmmakers.

此网络电视频道,介绍享誉国际的美国电影导演-阿贝尔•费拉拉(Abel Ferrara)的新片《濒危的摇滚圣地》,又译《濒危的切尔西饭店》/《雀西酒店》(CHELSEA ON THE ROCKS)的精选电影片段和访谈视频。费拉拉采访了纽约著名的切尔西酒店的现任和前任住户,包含了伊桑•霍克(Ethan Hawke)和丹尼斯•霍珀(Dennis Hopper)。各种的幕后镜头显示电影场景的不同需要,并且为电影制片人创造了一个宝贵的平台。