Abel Ferrara and Director of Photography Ken Kelsch on Bad Lieutenant

Uploaded on Wednesday 7 July 2010


Abel Ferrara and his Director of Photography, Ken Kelsch talk about the making and outcome of their film "Bad Lieutenant".

In the interview, Ken Kelsch says that the film was shot in 20 days, and actor Harvey Keitel, who plays The Lieutenant, made every first take the best one. Keitel was in his 50's during this film but played a notable sex symbol that didn't go unnoticed. Keitel's personality is notably strong and he proved to be in great shape for his age.

Ferrara describes the locations of the film, including the Mayflower rooftop and places throughout New York City. Ken Kelsch explains that he would shoot at any time of the time day as requested by Abel Ferrara. He would leave his camera on and shoot as he drove home, in the middle of the night or whenever they felt it would be good for the story.

Bad Lieutenant's script was only 21 pages, and the filmmakers didn't necessarily rely on it. The script was rather used as a stepping stone and a tool to create memorable scenes on the spot. One example is the "kinky sex scene" that followed with no description. Kelsch explained that Abel instructed him to keep shooting and keep the camera on Keitel.


Language: English

Year of Production: 2010

Length: 15:34

Country: United States

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