Abel Ferrara and Director of Photography Ken Kelsch on The Funeral

Uploaded on Wednesday 7 July 2010


Abel Ferrara and his Director of Photography, Ken Kelsch, comment on their film "The Funeral". Kelsch talks about the cast and how he sees the film as a success due to the complexity of its story and the number of talented actors involved. He tells the audience how he lit certain scenes while filming. He ends the commentary with his personal thoughts about independent vs. Hollywood films.

About "The Funeral"

Starring Christopher Walken, Chris Penn and Annabella Sciorra.
New York City, the 1930's. The funeral of one of the three brothers of a powerful family of gangsters leads to a deadly confrontation with their enemies and with each other. The past of the brothers is detailed through a series of flashbacks.


Language: English

Length: 18:28

Country: United States

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