Abel Ferrara on The Film That Was Never Made

Uploaded on Friday 3 December 2010


In this video, Abel Ferrara is interviewed by Francesco Rulli, the founder of Film Annex. The two have been collaborating on Ferrara's website, http://www.AbelFerrara.com.

In the interview, Ferrara talks about a film of his, "Birds of Prey," which never got made. Had it seen the light of day, the film would tell the story of a revolution that took place in the United States, where corporations took over the world and controlled everything from the outskirts of New York City. The main character would have been similar to Fidel Castro and would be called Robert Frido. Those in power would wear blue suits with ties and drive gun-loaded limousines. Ferrara goes on to mention that this film did not get made, because it was a two million dollar budget that could not be afforded during the 1980s.

Although Ferrara's movie was not made, he mentions that being in Los Angeles opened up new opportunities for him. He ended up working on a five million dollar budget film called "Fear City," written in 1975. Ferrara says that if it were made today, "Birds of Prey" would still be a great film, and he would do it without any hesitation.


Language: English

Year of Production: 2010

Length: 19:06

Country: United States

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