Abel Ferrara Talks to Editor Anthony Redman (Part 4)

Uploaded on Saturday 19 June 2010


In this interview, Anthony Redman and Abel Ferrara talk about "Bad Lieutenant" and the film industry in various locations.

Director Abel Ferrara describes how the movie "Bad Lieutenant" was partially filmed in an Italian neighborhood on Arthur Ave in the Bronx. Ferrara explains that people have a bad perception of the Bronx and feel it is war zone. However, Ferrara stresses that the Bronx is a beautiful place where he grew up.

Contrary to New York, Los Angeles gives people in the film industry a feeling of "factory film". People live eat and breathe film at all hours of the day and everyday of the week. They mention that Los Angeles provides cheaper film opportunities because there are so many vendors and competition.

Anthony Redman discusses how he paved his was to his current career. Redman was a graduate from the UCLA film school in Los Angeles, California. Redman describes that his first job opportunity occurred at Universal, when the director of the film library fired all the women in his department during his interview. Seizing the moment, Redman got an interview with the director and was offered a job in the film library.


Language: English

Year of Production: 2010

Length: 9:17

Country: United States

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