Mulberry Street (Clip 2)

Uploaded on Tuesday 24 November 2009


In this clip from Abel Ferrara's documentary Mulberry Street, Ferrara and his girlfriend/actress Shanyn Leigh talk about what it's like living on Mulberry Street and the places they can potentially travel to. Ferrara walks the audience through his neighborhood as we get some intimate glimpeses into New York's Lower East Side. Ferrara also mentions that he shot his first feature film, "9 Lives of a Wet Pussy," on Mulberry Street and tells the viewer some funny stories about how they shot the film and the quirks they had to put up with during filming.

About Mulberry Street – One of the prominent New York City directors, Abel Ferrara is known for being able to show the city at its grittiest through his films. A long-time resident in New York City's famous neighborhood Little Italy, Ferrara takes a closer look at his block, Mulberry Street and the feast of San Gennaro that is celebrated every year. While Ferrara has used this location for a few of his features, this time, Mulberry Street is the star of his film.


Language: English

Year of Production: 2009

Length: 03:30

Country: United States

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