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Alka  Sadat was born in Herat  Afghanistan . She study Cinema in Italy  Her first film brought recognition by winning the Afghan Peace Prize.  Alka has since made numerous documentaries winning international awards all over the world as  cameraman, and director,
She made 15 Documentary films 1 short faction film
Alka is passionate about human rights – in particular right for women.  Her desire is to not only address the problems Afghans face, but to also show the good side of Afghans and their culture.

1-Half Value Life : Public Liberties & Human Rights Award at Aljazeera International Documentary Film Festival! 2011
2-Half Value Life first award from ( Women's Voices Now' Film Festival ) in Los Angeles 2011
3-Half Value Life Best director form international Kabul film festival
4-Half Value Life Best film form Bilder vom film festival 2008 5-Half Value Life afghanistan-film festival.Koln
2009 6-Half Value Life Egypt film festival 9009
Half Value Life: 2011 got award from first human right film festival in Kabu
7- 1,2,2 ? Best film form Italy international Trevignano film festival 2007
8-1,2,2 ? Best film form Bahrain human Rights international film festival
9-1,2,2 ? 2006 best film form international Almata film festival
10-we are post-modern best camera operator from Kabul film festival
11-first number: Peace Prize the Afghan civil society Organisations
12-best director award from Kabul film festival
13 we are post-modern best camera from kodakan khiban film festival

1-Half Value Life
2-1,2,3 ?
3-After 35 Years
4- Ten Years On: The Elimination Of Violence Against women ­­­­
5-We Are Post-modern
6-Kabul Sea
7-First Number
8-About (Mohsen Namejoo)
9-GOUTH In Kabul
10-May By For You
11-Me And Bahasht Khamosh
12-oo God
13-Beginning of Eagle 4