Classic Cars at Tour de Cebu 2016

Uploaded on Saturday 5 November 2016


I thought I was done with videos for last month's Tour de Cebu event since I had already posted four videos of it plus a media gallery and one full blog, I realized, I still have another set of videos from my mobile device which I don't want to end up just staying on my hard drive. I need to also share it so here, I have one more video for the Tour de Cebu event.

I compiled them for easy editing and had added just the intro and the ending title. I never thought I can finish it in just one setting! Glad my computer was cooperating and got to export it without issues unlike what I had experienced before when I am unable to export the file as mp4.

Anyways, this is the video and basically, it is pretty much the same as the ones I had posted before except for the intro titles this is because of course my husband and i were on the areas during the event.

The DSLR shots and films were taken by my husband and since I was not able to bring my goPro camera that day, I was left with just using my own mobile device to take photographs and video clips.

Hope you'll enjoy as I had added some photos too in this compilation.


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