Hinatuan's Enchanted River

Uploaded on Monday 16 January 2017


Blue green colored sea and river water combined with a few heads splashing and swimming at a distance showed in front of me and the rest of the guys who didn't feel like swimming yet. I am now at the famous Enchanted River in Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur. This is a small spot in a far far away land of Mindanao. Three hours of land travel is just worth it and I believe it is calling me to join the other packs who were chilling with their life vests.

I said no, not yet. I still have to do my blogger duties and that's to take videos and photos of the location before enjoying it. Well, don't get me wrong, I enjoy taking photos already so that's a win win situation. I get to enjoy my blogger life plus the tourist spot at the same time!

Why is it called Enchanted River anyway?

Well, I also wondered about that and I don't know at first but as per the driver who drove us around Surigao, it is because of the fishes which visits the river at 12 noon for their feeding time. I have to make sure that we would be able to witness that part!

And yes we did witness the fish feeding and I had added up the video coverage, thanks to my GoPro action camera but since we had attached the dome case, James had a hard time keeping it in the water, he was also holding my friend's GoPro so he can't really get the two in focus in the water. The coverage is still good though.

There were sucker fishes, huge flat bodied fish too and some other more which I don't recognize really. I am not good at names specially with fish terms! To me, they were all fishes but one thing is for sure, they are hungry fishes!

We all got amazed and glad we got to see this event. The fishes though didn't go far after the feeding time, they seem to just stay in but they stay at the deep side of the river, perhaps there's a hole or a passage going to the sea from the river where these fishes can easily access the sea and the river at the same time.

But I am still amazed as to how they were able to get to the river for the feeding time at 12 noon. Indeed enchanting!

Hope you'll enjoy the video.

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