Jean and James Photobook

Uploaded on Wednesday 12 October 2016


Here's a video covering our first Photobook. A certain photobook contains photos which are turned into pages of a book. This is only a small coffee table book but I definitely treasure it as it contains years of photos of us together from him being just my boyfriend until we got tied into a simple wedding.

I have blogged about our love story before and I had kept photographs of our journey. Through the years since 2008, we have shared ups and downs from college life to working ages until we had finally settled down. Oh and not to mention that we also had gone through the LDR stage or the long distance relationship for two years. We had successfully overcome that stage.

Now, seeing these photos where we were still young and wild, it makes both of us smile and reminisce those moments. Indeed photos stay forever specially that everything is becoming digital. Well, even if it is becoming digital, my husband and I would still love to have printed ones for us to look at without getting radiation into our eyes.

Also, when we get old, we hope to have something to show to our grand kids and brag about how our love story had evolved. God blessed us with each other and we treasure the love, bond, the connection and most specially the friendship that we share.

Love is what keeps us alive and friendship will keep us together.

Enjoy the video guys and oh don't mind our faces, too much selfies in this video.

Thanks to photobook online for this discounted photobook.

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