Marius The Giraffe and Zoo Breeding Programs

Uploaded on Wednesday 19 February 2014


It’s a barbaric story that sounds right out of last century; Copenhagen Zoo in Denmark took the extraordinary decision to euthanize a giraffe (dubbed Marius) due to its poor genes and their potential effect on the breeding program, and then fed the body to the lions with the public looking on. Distressed men, women and children watched as the lions feasted on the carcass. The story made headlines around the world for all the wrong reasons, and demonstrated a complete lack of sensitivity on the zoo’s part. Steve and Ben talk about Marius the Giraffe and his end, including the impacts of zoo breeding programs. The guys also discuss: the new Lego Movie, celebrations for Darwin’s Day, and the rise and fall of Flappy Bird – the latest mobile app sensation.


Language: English

Length: 15:45

Country: Australia