Uploaded on Friday 18 July 2014


MASS - A short film with music from The Malpractice.

Written and Directed by Matthew James Thompson
Director of Photography - Dan Kennedy
1st AC - Alan J Pierson
Kevin T. Collins
Bill Reddington
Ryan Kroll

From "MASS is neither a short film, nor a music video, but a hybrid of both. It’s a story of a former friendship gone dangerously awry set to the music of The Malpractice. The disjointed non-linear storytelling technique gives the video an anxious feeling to match the emotions of the characters to the experience of the viewer. From the ending to the beginning, we watch two characters evolve from madness to madness... For an audience who’s unsatisfied with the abruptness of a music video and the hokiness of a short film, MASS is the solution."

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Language: English

Country: United States