The Batad Rice Terraces Tour On GoPro Lens

Uploaded on Sunday 7 May 2017


A cancellation of our trip from Manila to Laoag made a decision of going to Batad instead to see and experience the rice terraces of the Philippines which has been known to as A UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the Ifugao Mountain Province, Philippines. As a celebration of our second wedding anniversary, James and I had conquered both Batad and Sagada together on one trip.

I had posted a couple of videos before about Batad but I realized upon checking on my hard drive folders that I still have clips that are still pending. Today, I got the chance to compile them all and publish as a movie.

Charlie (our young tour guide) led the way while a dog named Rambo accompanied us as well on our way to the Batad's Highest viewpoint. It was sunny but that didn't stop us from taking photos around, everything seems picture perfect that we just want to stay at every corner and just take photos and videos too! Gladly, we didn't consume all the memory of our cameras.

This could be the most tiring step ladder walk I had experienced my entire life. Although the experience at Taraw was super muscle and core challenging, this trail has been giving my leg muscle a hard time. Not to also mention my lungs which was seriously running out of air with every step I take. It was a vertical climb, literally! But the view was all worth it and I love the feeling of the fresh air going into my lungs and body.

Boy, I would love to go back when the rice terraces have been filled with rice plants and also when it is all ripe and yellow. It would also be a great experience. Looking forward to that.

Enjoy the video!

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