Tour to Beergali

Uploaded on Monday 30 January 2017


A visit to Beergali which are situated in pk province( kp) distriict swabi north-west side of this view.
Today i write a description about my tour to Beergali with my colleagues .
Here weather are so pleasant in specially DEC & FEB moths Mostly people coming here from far and wide to see these places for enjoy the snowfall and create different shape of cartoon and childs can enjoying and playing with snowfall.

Every Friday i visit with my friends such interesting places for enjoying and its good for health and capturing those moment for me because i wish to keep like the precious moments and memories all of these good places

Now come to the point. i start my tour topi to Beergali so the distance between Topi to Beergali its become apprx 45km ant it take to 2hrs this also so prestigious travel for every that ones new while the road is still facing problems but also under construction on act govt rules ,which displayed in video clip for a moment.

The visit (tour) was a so amazing ,a wonderful and unforgettable with my colleagues on that day colleagues named are included : RAHEEM ULLAH, HAMZA KHAN, FAZAL RAHMAN. in all my these colleagues only that one so much funny laughter and too much naughty we all friends some time called by this KARABARI name which mentioned specifically by green shoes in video clip .
Raheem Ullah a well experienced and see insightful driver and really knows the parameter of the road condition .Hamza Khan is also play a vital role in this one program he managed the whole tour plan and also making the videos clips in attractive way .At last all these moments were so much unforgettable for all our best and affection able colleagues.

The stay was only for a few hrs in that one place and this a real message to conveying my all brothers to take one of the driver who know an expert about the road parameters of such like place for the tour visiting .

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Country: Pakistan

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