Uploaded on Monday 27 May 2013


"Vigil" is my freshman film for the SUNY Purchase Film Conservatory. Our class of 21 each has to make a film which almost solely is responsible for us to progress.
Shot on 16mm film on an ARRI BL. All foley and music were recorded in post at Park West Studios in Brooklyn, NY.
A very loose adaptation of the "Batman" universe created by Bob Kane.
SUNY Purchase Film Conservatory Class of 2015
An Irrational Production 2012

Starring Lucas Strader, Rachel Kadison, Albert Anderson, John Morgan.
Lighting/PA/AD: Jennifer McCabe
Cinematography: Tymon Brown, John Clouse, John Morgan
Director, Editor: John Clouse

Check out Max Bayarsky's Purchase TV Best Documentary 2012 directors portrait of me filming Vigil:



Language: English

Length: 12:26

Country: United States

Creative Commons License

Vigil by JOHN CLOUSE is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.