What To See in Oslob's Underwater

Uploaded on Thursday 13 October 2016


Two weeks ago, my husband and I had the chance to go home to his home town. It was an immediate decision to go to Oslob as we were not planning to that week but anyways, we ended up boarding an air conditioned bus going south of the Cebu Province.

It was Saturday and normally, we would be going back to the city by the next day which is Sunday. What I love about going there is that we get to eat fresh fish dishes and that we also won't be doing much as my mother in law would normally just let us relax and eat.

By Sunday morning, we went to my husband's cousins' house and found the children playing there. We then thought of checking out the sea. It was coincident as well that my father in law was also planning to fish so we accompanied him and we also went swimming. Fortunately, we had our GoPro with us and so we went on taking videos on what can be found under the waters of Oslob.

I personally found some tiny fishes of different colors and of which I can't get to take videos of since they were swimming real fast! However, we get to find some sea urchins, there were many of them, some other school fishes, there were sand of course, crabs and the most surprising one, we found a sea snake!

One of our cousin in law got his fishing gear and started aiming for this snake. He eventually hit it on its head and it died a painful death.

That's it and I hope you'll enjoy. The water current made the video real shaky.

Take care!

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